From the beginning our capabilities led the industry
Our New Product Development involvement is a value add



Olympic works closely with your engineering staff to also minimize production tooling costs by ensuring the correct pattern layout for proper iron flow and feed, based on your specific casting application.

we work directly with your engineering staff

Olympic understands the time restraints placed on your engineers to get new products and projects out to the market.  Olympic works directly with your engineering staff to help ensure your intended design is also a foundry practical design and to help reduce unnecessary production costs.


Metalcasting - design critical information such as Draft, Weight tolerance, Dimensional tolerances, advantages vs. disadvantages of using different Molding methods, Surface finish, Parting lines, etc. are all discussed in detail at the onset of your project helping to save you both time and money in avoiding costly project delays.

From Concept To Creation
Our "No Minimum Rule" allows anyone to sample parts prior to production.